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Where to play Poker? AU
  spets1, Nov 23 2022

So i wanted to play some online poker, but after logging into spokerstars after so many years it says that australia is no longer supported.

Where Can I play?

Quick search landed me on where they accept crypto, anyone got reviews of that site?

im currently located in Philippines, and going back to Australia in the next 6 months. I also have a VPN



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Do you meditate?
  spets1, Mar 03 2021

I've tried it a bit, like try not to think about anything at all. I can feel my brain relax, its pretty cool tbh. But usually a couple minutes later I realise im once again thinking about something. Or sometimes I take all the thought out of my mind and imagine to put them onto a shelf, not to touch them.
It's pretty cool, also good to actually come up with good ideas especially if you're caught in a thought circle when you keep circling around the same thoughts without any productivity

such as these:

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Pepperridge Farm remembers
  spets1, Jan 23 2020

Whats been happening ya'll?

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